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Inovative economics not charity create real wealth.Real Wealth Created Innovative Economics Not Charity

Eliminating Poverty One Family Tree at a Time. 

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The Gift of Privilege, a thoughtful legacy that changes the world.

The  list  of  past  and  continuing Masters  of  Wealth…  have  been  The  Guggenheims,  The Rockefellers,  The Carnegies,  The  Kennedy’s and  so on… Now you  can add Your Family Name to this list of Privileged Families.

The Secret Code of Effortlessly Gaining and Passing Endless Wealth and Privilege Has Been Deciphered

Where as Microsoft changed the world of computing and Google was able to convert their mathematical search algorithm into the largest search engine portal, we at, utilizing our proprietary financial process, will provide global consumer benefits as well as a system where the relative poor can pass a legacy of wealth and privilege. With this economic innovation we intend to provide the worlds largest benefits program ever imagined and eliminate poverty.  All made possible through our patent pending financial process and you.  It is “The Greatest Project Of All Time”.


Many celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Bono, U2, Steven Spielberg, Michael Jordan, Beyonce, Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks, Diddy, Paul McCartney, Tyra Banks, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ophrah  to name just a few are all active in using their celebrity to help change the world.

If  you  know  or represent  a  celebrity, athlete,  or  other  high-profile  individual  interested  in teaming with to truly help eliminate poverty and  save the  world’s  children please contact us.


Cost Free Economics™ is the only economic process engineered to eliminate poverty one family tree at a time.  It is engineered so that even the poorest of poor will be able to give “The Gift of Privilege”, to their future generations, lifting them from poverty.  What is clearly needed is an economic program accessible to all that is not based on charity but is based on identifiable economic rules which are clearly defined, computerized and projected into the future to eliminate lines of poverty along a family tree just like the Kennedy’s, Rockefellers and other wealthy icons structured for their families. is engineered to do all that and more. Through this project we can now give the poorest child the ability to give the gift of privilege to their future babies and grandchildren just like the wealthy families do…lifting themselves and their future generations from poverty one generation at a time. The economic and social-political impact of this is enormous. 

Your Global Internet Future Fund account will be secured and guaranteed by United States Treasury Bonds and other securities and  investments  that will secure the delivery of your           “Gift of Privilege” to your future loved ones after their Future Date.

This is truly a thoughtful legacy now made accessible to every consumer.  A legacy that changes the world forever.   This is made possible by providing the process through the Future Fund whereby even the poor can create and pass wealth to their future generations.  All Cost Free™ Consumers will, just like the Kennedy’s, Rockefeller’s, Mellon’s and the other family dynasties,  pass gifts of privilege to each new family generation. 


Cost Free Economics™ addresses social issues that have plagued mankind since the dawn of civilization and provides a market solution to help correct them.  This in not charity but it is a true market solution.  In time it will reduce to a negligible level the need for governmental expenditure targeting the issues of individual saving, poverty and health care.  The burden of correcting these  conditions will in time be lifted from government.


The means to correct these problems is now made available to every individual, rich, middle class or poor.  Every individual now has the means to take full responsibility for their future generations.  The means and method to secure your future and your future generations rests with you, by joining you start a cycle of wealth for your family tree that will flourish through time.


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While you enjoy your coffee break  tell your colleagues and friends about the greatest project of all time.  If everyone registers just two consumers the whole world will be marching to eliminate terrorism and poverty in our generation and our goals will be met.  Our generation will be remembered as the year that  changed  humanity! Together we can make it happen!

Einstein said the reason for the existence of time was so that everything did not happen at once. This would indicate that  all questions will be answered and all  problems, no matter the  enormity or scope,  will develop solutions given enough  time...


The problem of global  poverty has been with  us since the beginning of time but now there is a solution… Cost Free Economics™.  This new economic method eliminates poverty one family tree at a time.  


Poverty   can   not  be  eliminated  at once by any historically known  means  however,  our innovative economics with time, can erase poverty from the face Of The Earth EFFORTLESSLY !


So now that there is a market solution cure for global poverty… we all need  to utilize it.  By joining the network you will secure yourself and your future family tree from poverty and be able to pass on to your children, grandchildren and their children and grandchildren… a  gift of economic knowledge.

The Gift of Privilege

Consider this... You Can Change The World As You Change Your Future

A New Economic Model  For Correcting Social Security, Poverty and Building     Our National Economy… build wealth through your normal daily spending.

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The gift of privilege™

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The Gift Of Privilege™

A thoughtful legacy that changes the world…

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