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Eliminating Poverty One Family Tree at a Time. 

The Gift of Privilege, a thoughtful legacy that changes the world... eliminating poverty one family tree at a time.

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A step by step examination into the workings of your future fund and

Your Gift of Privilege™ .

See how the process works and be able to calculate  the enormous legacy you leave for your descendants. Prepare yourself to be able to prepare them.  The magnitude of your Gift of Privilege™  after you calculate it will astound you!   With your help the meek and poor can inherit the earth...and will.

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A step by step examination into the workings of your future fund and The Gift of Privilege™

The Gift of Privilege™ : Your Legacy for the Future

                     The Meek and Poor Can Inherit the Earth...

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The Gift Of Privilege™


A Thoughtful Legacy


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