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Text Box: The first book of The Watergate Chronicles, a novelized historical six book saga of global political intrigue and action adventure that brings the streets of DC to life as it exposes the untold secrets of Watergate and beyond.  You have heard of Special Op’s, now enter the hidden, confusing world of Penetration Agents and Ghost Op’s.  A world where both the assignments and the players are nonexistent because they are never acknowledged...in the end only the vacant chair and memories remain.  Experience the romance of passion and power.  Revisit the pre 911 world where American newsmen can be ordered executed by a corrupt head of state as Agencies fumble a response and cover up the murders.  State sponsored terrorism becomes a reality.  With the gangs of DC  when the music stops...the whisper killings begin...and you enter the world of our “YOUNG GUYS IN SHADES”.  In this real life deadly game of musical chairs, The Vacant Chair is reserved for the soon to die.  The body count mounts and the streets are painted red with the blood of the players and the innocent as an Imperial Presidency dies.


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